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          Welcome to the website for Future Enterprises of South Florida, Incorporated. If you're preparing to accept bids for the cleaning of your office building or clinic  in southwest Florida, please consider us as one of those bidders. We strive to be competitive and provide a high level of cleaning coupled with excellent customer service. For seventeen years as owner of the company I've been building a reputation that is reflected in our sales prospectus, specifically in our referral letters direct from our customers. We hope that as our relationships with customers expand further up the gulf coast that many more letters of high quality work will be added and our list of satisfied customers will continue to grow.


Steve Engelhard - owner

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Our goals are to provide quality work, fair pricing of services, no frequent alarms set off in your building, and a clean, secure building at the end of each evening.




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  • Empty/remove waste baskets
  • Dusting of exposed surfaces of furniture,  equipment, lamps.
  • Spot Clean doors, switches, marks on walls.
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas, Spot clean as needed
  • Clean and Sanitize all restrooms toilet, sinks and counters, floors, mirrors, and partitions.
  • Restock all supplies.
  • Clean Glass doors/windows as needed
  • Clean and sanitize all surfaces in the kitchen.
  • Vacuum and mop all floors.


  • Dust pictures and frames, partition tops and doors.
  • Clean base boards as necessary.
  • Remove all cobwebs from interior walls and corners.
  • Clean the air vents and ceiling fans.
  • Clean exterior glass entrance areas, interior partition glass.
  • Dust chair legs, furniture bases, and window ledges.


  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Strip and Wax Tile
  • Tile Grout Cleaning.
  • Pressure Washing.


About Us

About the Company


For the past 17 years Future Enterprises of South Florida, Inc. has provided commercial cleaning to clients from Marco Island to North Fort Myers. Currently we are expanding up the gulf coast to begin serving customers from Port Charlotte to Sarasota/Bradenton. We have built a wide customer base including medical facilities, commercial office buildings, gated community centers, and manufacturing facilities. We look forward to taking this experience to other areas of our state.

About the Owner


The owner of Future Enterprises of South Florida, Steve Engelhard, relocated to Southwest Florida about two decades ago, and has built a solid reputation in the community of reliable and professional commercial cleaning since his first account in 2001. This company is an extension of his vision which began in Atlanta that resulted in a successful independent janitorial company serving over 75 customers on a weekly basis. His vision is to expand along the gulf coast of Florida as never before with a current surplus of highly trained employees that are ready to clean your building. You can expect trained cleaning professionals with attention to detail making every labor dollar count for your company.

Janitorial franchises face the negative cash vacuum immediately by having to send, on average, 20% of every dollar to a home office simply for a name. Steve worked for a franchise in Atlanta for two years prior to starting and running his own business. When a locally owned and operated business services your facility for a monthly fee, every dollar works for you locally. We're thankful that we have the experience and training that a franchise offers to its managers and owner, but now that additional 20% can be invested into cleaning staff that leave your building clean and secure at the end of each cleaning shift.



Give Future Enterprises of South Florida the opportunity to be your NEXT janitorial company, and we will do everything possible to be your LAST!


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